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This full-text search facility allows you to search for a keyword throughout our website. If the search string is found, you will automatically be shown a list of places containing the keyword.

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In its most simple form, a search can consist of a single word. However, more complex searches are also possible, as you will see below.

Full-text searches are not case-sensitive.

  • Searching for phrases

    If you want to search for a specific phrase, you can restrict the search to exactly that phrase by enclosing the phrase in quotes. "Magnetically shielded" will only display pages on which the exact phrase "magnetically shielded" occurs. On the other hand, if you enter magnetically shielded without quotes, the search will also display pages containing just the word magnetically or just the word shielded.

  • End-of-word wildcard

    If you enter part of a word followed by an asterisk *, the search function will find all words beginning with those letters, irrespective of the rest of the word. So entering tweeter* will display, amongst others: tweeter, tweeter dome and tweeter horn.

  • Boolean operators

    Boolean operators can be used to combine search criteria. For example, if you enter mid-range AND 3-way, you will be shown all the pages containing both mid-range and 3-way but no others. However, if you enter mid-range OR 3-way, you will see all the pages that contain either the word mid-range or the word 3-way or both.

    It is also possible to exclude certain words from the search using AND NOT. If, for example, you want to find all references to subwoofer but, at the same time, suppress pages referring to shelf-mounted speakers, enter subwoofer AND NOT shelf-mounted.