Exploded drawing



The construction of this cabinet is remarkably simple since all the boards are straight-side and simply glued (butt-jointed) together. However, care must be taken to ensure absolute dimensional accuracy, as the front grille will not fit if the tolerances are too great. The grille's outer dimensions are 136 x 389 mm.

Inner damping

Inner damping

One mat of damping material is loosely pushed into the cabinet.

Component parts list for 1 box

Component parts list for 1 box
Tweeter: SC 10 N 8 Ohm 1 piece
Bass-midrange driver: SC 13 8 Ohm 2 pieces
Crossover: Crossover Center 130  
Terminal: ST 77 1 piece
Damping material:   1/2 bag
Protective grille: Center 130 1 piece
Wood screws: 3,5 x 19 mm 8 pieces
  4 x 20 mm 8 pieces
Cable: 2 x 1,5 mm2 1,5 m

Cabinet parts list for 1 box

Cabinet parts list for 1 Box
PartsSize (mm)Quantity
Material: 12 mm chipboard or MDF
Rear panel136 x 3891
Side panel250 x 4132
Top and bottom panel136 x 2502
Material: 16 mm chipboard or MDF
Brace136 x 801
Front panel136 x 3891




Extract from Audio Vision

"The surprise candidate during the test series came from Visaton. The CENTER 130 produced a well-rounded sound, whose crisp mid-range was particularly worthy of note"... Without including your own work and the costs of materials, the value for money is exceptionally good."