Exploded drawing


All the cabinet panels are cut from 16 mm chipboard or medium density fibreboard, butt-jointed and glued. After that, the openings for the driver and terminals are cut out and any necessary recesses cut. The chamfer on the outer baffle can be made either before the cabinet is glued together or afterwards.

Since the cabinets are relatively small, it is hardly possible to mount the crossover inside the housing. The PCB can, however, simply be wrapped in damping material and placed inside the speaker if the rear wall is not removable.

Inner damping

The damping material is loosely pushed into the cabinet. The space immediately behind/above the bass tunnel must remain free.

Component parts list for 1 box

The kit includes all the components listed here but not the cabinet.


KE 25 SC - 8 Ohm

1 pc.


AL 130 - 8 Ohm

1 pc.


Crossover BIJOU

1 pc.


ST 77

1 pc.

Damping material

Polyester wool

1 bag

Wood screws

3.5 x 19 mm

8 pcs.

Countersunk screws

3.5 x 25 mm

4 pcs.


2 x 1.5 mm²

1.1 m

Cabinet parts list for 1 box


Size (mm)


Material: 16 mm chipboard or MDF


330 x 200


Side panels

330 x 214



214 x 168


Rear panel

314 x 168


Bottom panel

198 x 168


BR tunnel top

132 x 178


BR tunnel side

20 x 178





Extract from Klang & Ton 03/2008

Bijou - French for a jewel - is also the name of this small-sized loudspeaker launched by VISATON to welcome in the new season. And indeed, it is a fine little fellow, with a capacity of only 10 litres and dimensions that make it fit virtually anywhere - (...).
The compact outer dimensions are in stark contrast to the fact that, in terms of their ability to reproduce music, these loudspeakers are - in terms of their capabilities - among the top loudspeakers available - (...).
(...) - they came across as extremely well-defined and clear as regards musical finesse without the slightest trace of effort or compression. The impression of airy lightness is also created by the unbelievably three-dimensional spatial sound reproduction with which the Bijou speakers transport music recordings, in particular live recordings, into the listening room in a remarkably tangible way.
(...) - the Bijou speakers can produce real bass and this also applies if they are turned up a bit.
In view of the quality of the component parts and, in particular, the audio performance of the speakers as a unit, one can hardly avoid praising the VISATON Bijou for its exceptional value for money. To put it another way: an excellent little speaker!